Michael Ruß

freelance UX designer and
frontend developer based in Berlin

member of the interactive design network functionalaesthetics

betahaus berlin
Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20
10969 Berlin

what i do...
Interaction Design
User Centered Design
User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Information Architecture
Front-End Development


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social me...
web 1.0

agencies i worked for...
Fuenfwerken Design AG
USEEDS user centred design
MetaDesign AG
Heller Designstudio

brands i worked for...
Cortal Consors
Weber Stephen
Münchner Verkehrsbetriebe
Ergo Versicherungen
Helmholtz Zentrum
Berlin Partner
Stadt Stuttgart

workshops, exhibitions, projects and funstuff i did...
user generated profit My diploma thesis about Web 2.0-based crowdsourcing – looking into the methodology behind, analyzing case studies and in particular researching the motivation of users (german)
Visual Braille Website
Visual Braille in Typoversity Visual braille combines normal letters and braille dots for blind people in a single font-face. Featured in "typoversity"
virtual reality mario VR mario is an approach for a physical and intuitive interface which enables users to literally walk and jump through a virtual reality version of nintendos mario land
trail blazers #3
trail blazers #2 @ Ars Electronica
trail blazers #1 A websurfing event in which participants could compete against each other in finding the fastest hyperlink trail through the internet, e.g. from amazon.com to thepiratebay.se, without keyboards of course

'There is a new profession of trail blazers, those who find delight in the task of establishing useful trails through the enormous mass of the common record.' Vannevar Bush , As We May Think, 1945

botpoetry project
botpoetry exhibition
Captchas are the cleankeepers of the internet and this is a homage to the automated programs of that principle on both sides. Exhibited during the maxbense100 at the Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart
multitouch wall
Workshop with the guys of thisplay and their mobile multitouch wall. We focused in our workshop project on an interface that could learn individual user gestures for specific tasks like add, undo or delete
drawing robot
An early prototype for a drawing robot that was controlled by an arduino board and MAX/MSP
wii-mote masters
A virtual tennis competition in an urban space which took place during the Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival
web 1.0 project
web 1.0 kickoff
web 1.0 exhibition Web 1.0 was a project which liberated at least 1000 social network users from their walled garden until the gates were closed again. Web 1.0 was exhibited during the Stuttgarter Filmwinter festival
soundtube physical computing
The sound tube can be controlled by positioning a magnet within a spool which then generates sound. The soundfiles can be skipped by tapping the wire on top. Prototype was built with Arduino and MAX/MSP

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Michael Russ in the year 2010 at Merz Akademie Stuttgart Michael Russ in the year 2011. Photo taken at Betahaus Berlin Michael Russ in May 2012 Michael Russ at Ars Electronica Festival 2010 Linz, Austria Michael Russ, Interaction Designer & Frontend Developer based in Berlin Michael Russ, Interaction Designer & Frontend Developer based in Berlin